Tupai Map


Located on the Tropic of Capricorn, 150 km west of Tahiti, this project consisted of the complete planning of a whole atoll, 5km x 7km for several resort facilities including:
  • Shopping & Staff Village & Market
  • South Seas Village Hotel (100 rooms & 45 cabins)
  • Recreation Centre
  • Resort Hotel (500 room)
  • Waterfront Private Building Lots (45)
  • Golf Course (80 ha.)
  • Air Strip (for jets)
  • Coconut Plantation (existing)
    Tupai Hotel
    Artist's View of Main Resort Hotel

    Tupai Hotel Site Plan
    Site Plan for the main 500-room resort hotel

    Malcolm McSporran , of Quinkatla, was part of the design team for this project, carried out by The Hulbert Group, Australia. Project was cancelled due to Native Land Claims.

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