Location: Coast of Kuwait, 50km south of Kuwait City
Aerial View of Al Khiran from north This project was part of a competition (Pearls of Kuwait) to plan two cities in Kuwait. Al Khiran is on the southern coastal area of the country. The finished project involves digging a large canal system (25km from on end to the other) and creating 7,500 house lots, 1 million sq.m. of commercial space, including community facilities, business and rental accommodation.
Plan of a neighbourhood in Khiran The theme of bringing water into the desert was pursued by creating almost all waterfront lots for housing and city centre. Three satellite community centres served as shopping and common activity centres for a population expected to be about 100,000. .
Malcolm McSporran , of Quinkatla, was part of the design team for this project, carried out by The Hulbert Group, Queensland, Australia.

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