Peter Shayo


Peter Shayo is a talented business manager and business planner.

Originally from the Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania, Mr. Shayo gained his BA in Economics at University of Manitoba. His experience includes business and trade development in Tanzania, as well as a period of military service in the Tanzanian Armed Forces.

Mr. Shayo has brought his skill in mathematics and business planning to management of business studies for the Canadian International Development Agency; assessments for Revenue Canada, and project Management for Quinkatla

Mr. Shayo has several roles in Quinkatla:
  • Project planning
  • Project Management
  • Development Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Project Research
  • Social and Environmental Impact Assessments


  • Project planning, management and financial analysis;
  • Conducting research for projects;
  • Analysing data;
  • Conducting social and environmental impact assessments;
  • Use/knowledge of most business software;
  • Monitoring projects;
  • Group training/facilitation.

  • BSc (A. Economics), University of Manitoba, Dec. 1987
  • Certificate, Army/National Service, Dar es Salaam, Dec. 1981
  • General Diploma (Math.), St. Francis College, July 1979

    Quinkatla Development Corporation, Vancouver, B.C, Canada Position: Co-ordinator, Community Development Projects Jan '95 - present Activities: . Monitoring performance of development projects to ensure adherence to terms of reference; . recruiting personnel and negotiating terms with clients, developers and project personnel; . conducting cost benefit analysis for projects; . preparing financial reports and budgets for projects.

    Burnaby Multicultural Society Position: Co-ordinator, Training & Community Relations, Jan '92 - Dec '94 Activities: . Cross-cultural trainer - Diversity Training Program; . Advisor, Job Training Program; . Project Manager - Cross-Cultural Centre (1994); . Special events Co-ordinator.

    J. Marule & Daughters, Inc., Kamloops, B.C., Canada Position: Research Officer Jan '89 - Dec '91 Activities: . Investigating and reviewing the costs of development projects; . analysing data on various projects and providing information to formulate long term planning of the projects.

    Tanzania-Canada Wheat Programme, Arusha, Tanzania Position: Researcher Jun '81 - Dec '88 Activities: . Conducting economic research for large-scale wheat production in Tanzania and preparing reports to be used for project funding by CIDA/GOT; . Co-ordinating computer software literacy program for the Wheat Programme's staff.

    Sports interests include: golf and cross country skiing
    Other interests include: music, theatre, and reading

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