A long tradition of First Nations Architecture has provided inspiration for some interesting new projects.
Here are a few of our projects.

Wuikinuxv Bighouse WUIKINUXV BIGHOUSE, Wuikinuxv Nation, B.C. CANADA, 2005 This Bighouse project was a key component in the on-going cultural revival of this important First Nation. Constructed 2005
Kilgii Gwaayaay House KILGII GWAAYAAY HOUSE, Ellen Island, Haida Gwaii, B.C. CANADA, 1996 A small ranger station for Parks Canada, located in the southern Gwaii Haanas Heritage Reserve. 100 sq.m. The design is in the tradition of the traditional Haida cedar house.
Haida Watchmen's House at Gandla K'in HAIDA WATCHMEN HOUSE at GANDLA K'IN, Hotsprings Island, Haida Gwaii, B.C. CANADA, 1997 Design for a small watchmen's station for Parks Canada in Gwaii Haanas Heritage Reserve. The design is in the tradition of the traditional Haida cedar house. 100 sq.m.
Similkameen Office UPPER SIMILKAMEEN ADMINISTRATION OFFICE, Keremeos, B.C. CANADA, 1996. In this project, designed in the form of a double Okanagan kikwillie house, we planned to accommodate community administration offices, business offices, and some social services functions. Planned for construction in 1998.
SPIRIT CIRCLE GALLERY, Mount Currie, B.C. CANADA 1991-1992 On the main intersection of this community just north of Whistler ski resort, our design included a re-structuring of a previous store building, incorporating heavy timber elements of traditional Lil'wat architecture. Built in 1992. for Deanna Pilling
Heiltsuk Bighouse HEILTSUK BIGHOUSE PROJECT, Waglisla (Bella Bella), B.C. CANADA, 2004. A "Bighouse" is a traditional cedar ceremonial house. This project is a large, modern version of the traditional Bighouse, designed to seat 700, and with a dance floor for 100 dancers. This building, 1,100 square metres in area. The project seems to be on permanent holdÉstay tuned...
Stein Valley Bldg. STEIN VALLEY INTERPRETIVE CENTRE, Stein Valley Tribal Heritage Park, Lytton First Nation, Lytton, B.C. CANADA 1990 Part of the effort to save the Stein Valley from logging was to construct an interpretive centre for the historic and natural amenities of the valley. This project included a large central hall and gallery of historic displays, where visitors could attend events and understand the valley. Also included in the project were a hostel, a museum and an artists' workshop. All these buildings were modeled after the Eeshtk'in pithouse.

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