Since 1977, we have participated in the design of high- and low-density residential projects, resorts & hotels, First Nations communities and cultural projects, as well as a variety of other facets of the design world

Our experience in these projects has included
  • complete design for buildings
  • design co-ordination for larger projects
  • site planning

    Types of Projects on which we have carried out and co- ordinated design include :
  • First Nations Cultural and Community developments
  • First Nations Housing design & development
  • Urban residential projects
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Commercial Shopping Centres


    (Many of the following projects were carried out under the name Arqitectura Development Consultants Ltd, or as private consulting and design by members of Quinkatla):

    East Seventh Townhouses TOWNHOUSE DEVELOPMENT, 575 East Seventh Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. CANADA, 2005 This project consisted of seven townhouses in an older neighbourhood in Vancouver. The challenge on this site was to take advantage of the views towards the north, for each dwelling unit, gaining street frontage for each unit, provide underground parking. The project was very successful, selling out in the first few weeks after completion.
    Wuikinuxv Bighouse WUIKINUXV BIGHOUSE, Wuikinuxv Nation, B.C. CANADA, 2005 This Bighouse project was a key component in the on-going cultural revival of this important First Nation. Constructed 2005
    FLOATING OPERATIONS STATION, Ellen Island, Haida Gwaii, B.C. CANADA, 1996 A small ranger station for Parks Canada, to be located on a float in the southern Gwaii Haanas Heritage Reserve. 100 sq.m. building, 200 sq.m. raft. The design is in the tradition of the traditional Haida cedar house.
    Similkameen Office UPPER SIMILKAMEEN ADMINISTRATION OFFICE, Keremeos, B.C. CANADA, 1996. In this project, designed in the form of a double Okanagan kikwillie house, we planned to accommodate community administration offices, business offices, and some social services functions. Planned for construction in 1998.
    TSAWWASSEN SHORES, Tsawwassen First Nation, B.C. CANADA, 1994 This was a conceptual planning project on a 7-hectare site adjacent to the ferry terminal causeway at Tsawwassen. The purpose was to illustrate how a 600-unit residential development could be planned to retain views from the highway and rear portion of the site, and to maximize land use on the site. (for IR Capital Corporation, Developers) 1995
    Desert Gardens DESERT GARDENS DEVELOPMENT, Kamloops, B.C. CANADA, 1997 Design for a 56-unit condominium apartment building, with one floor of retail space. In addition to design, floor areas analysis and preliminary costing were carried out. Built 1997
    LORNE STREET DEVELOPMENT,Lorne & Third Streets, Kamloops B.C. CANADA 1994-1996 This comprehensive development consists of built floor area of 41,000 square metres in two towers and a low-rise podium; containing a 200-room hotel, 90-unit apartment building, two floors of offices and two floors of retails space. It is on a prominent downtown intersection in Kamloops, overlooking the riverside park and the City Colosseum. Construction postponed indefinitely.
    HERITAGE BLUFFS DEVELOPMENT, Musqueam First Nation, Vancouver, B.C. CANADA 1994 This project consisted of planning and design of a 40-unit apartment building, 10 duplex units, an elders' building, an administration office, and a one-classroom school for a 4-hectare site in the Musqueam Reserve. The duplex and apartment building designs were heavily influenced by traditional Musqueam architecture and art contributed by community members.
    Princess Gate PRINCESS GATE CODOMINIUM DEVELOPMENT, Coquitlam, B.C. CANADA 1994 This apartment complex consisted of about 800 units. in eight buildings near the Coquitlam Centre. We carried out elevation designs for this series of buildings as a sub-contract to Graham Crockart, Architect, for Polygon Development.
    PIPELINE ROAD DEVELOPMENT, Coquitlam, B.C. CANADA 1994 This apartment complex consisted of about 80 units. We carried out several elevation design studies as a sub-contract to Graham Crockart, Architect, for Polygon Development.
    BANFF COURT DEVELOPMENT, North Vancouver, B.C. CANADA 1993 This project was a 200-unit, 4-storey apartment building. We carried out detailed elevations designs for two different styles of facade treatment for two different developers competing for acquisition of the site from the City. (sub-contract to Graham Crockart, Architect, for Polygon Development)
    SIMMONS RESIDENCE, West Vancouver, B.C. CANADA 1993 In this project, we designed a renovation of an older house, to add a bedroom and bathroom to the top of the house, as well as re-build all the eaves, trellises deck rails etc. to improve the appearance of the structure for re-sale. Constructed in 1995
    HARVEY HUMCHITT HOUSE, Waglisla, B.C. CANADA, 1993 A very successful fishing guiding business in Bella Bella required this building to replace two trailers they were using to accommodate guests from abroad. Of greatest importance in the design was the influence of traditional Heiltsuk architecture, and the hereditary emblems of the owner. Planned for construction in 1995.
    COCHRAN BRADSHAW OFFICE, 839 Helmcken Street, Vancouver, B.C. CANADA 1992-1993 This new office for a law firm, was created from an old 3-storey house, renovated to accommodate four lawyers, two students, and an secretarial pool. Constructed in 1993
    SPIRIT CIRCLE GALLERY, Mount Currie, B.C. CANADA 1991-1992 On the main intersection of this community just north of Whistler ski resort, our design included a re-structuring of a previous store building, incorporating heavy timber elements of traditional Lil'wat architecture. Built in 1992. for Deanna Pilling
    HEILTSUK DHA'YACI PROJECT, Waglisla (Bella Bella), B.C. CANADA, 1991-1995 A "Dha'yaci" is a traditional cedar ceremonial house. This project is a large, modern version of the Dha'yaci, designed to seat 700, and with a dance floor for 100 dancers. This building, 1,100 square metres in area, is due to be built in 1995.
    Stein Valley Bldg. STEIN VALLEY INTERPRETIVE CENTRE, Stein Valley Tribal Heritage Park, Lytton First Nation, Lytton, B.C. CANADA 1990 Part of the effort to save the Stein Valley from logging was to construct an interpretive centre for the historic and natural amenities of the valley. This project included a large central hall and gallery of historic displays, where visitors could attend events and understand the valley. Also included in the project were a hostel, a museum and an artists' workshop. All these buildings were modeled after the Eeshtk'in pithouse.
    INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE, (Expo Site), Vancouver, CANADA This is a 6-block, high-density, mixed-use development of one segment of the former Expo Site. It includes a 28-storey hotel, three 28-storey apartment buildings, 5 blocks of 10-storey, mixed commercial and residential building and a school. Conceptual design work carried out as sub-contract to The Hulbert Group, for Concord Pacific Development.
    QUEENS GATE, Richmond, British Columbia Conceptual design & construction drawings for this 400-unit commercial apartment development (for Polygon Development, with G.F.Crockart, Architects 1989)
    NATIVE EDUCATION CENTRE, Vancouver, B.C. Canada 1,500 sq.m. school, built on Haida Longhouse theme. (with L. McFarland, Architect) 1985
    HAIDA CHIEFS' ASSEMBLY BUILDING, Haina, Haida Gwaii, B.C. Canada This design for a hypothetical project was developed to give substance and image to efforts by the Haida Nation to develop self-government. The project was never built. The design of the roofs, the most distinct feature, is based on the traditional Haid chiefs' hat, a symbol of prestige and power in traditional culture.
    HOTEL PELLY, Pelly Crossing, Yukon, Canada. 25-unit hotel with adjoining cultural centre and restaurant (schematic design & feasibility study) 1983
    MISSION FIRST NATIONS FRIENDSHIP CENTRE, Mission, Canada A 2,000 sq.m. community building based on traditional Salish Longhouse design.
    ROUND LAKE ALCOHOL TREATMENT CENTRE, Vernon, B.C. Site planning & programming, schematic designs for this facility. 1980
    ONIGAMING CEREMONIAL BLDG. Onigaming, Ontario A building to house traditional Ojibway ceremonies. 1977

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