Much of the work depicted on these pages is the original work of members of Quinkatla. Other work on these pages is original work of associates of Quinkatla. All original work is covered by copyright laws designed to protect the rights of the creators of the work.

Original work would include:
  • Designs
  • Planning Concepts
  • Drawings (both hand and computer)
  • Internet web pages, and web page components
  • Written work well as any other original creation

    The reason for copyright laws is to provide credit and income to the original creators of the work, while making the work available to the public.

    While it is sometimes difficult to enforce copyright protection on work published on the internet, much of our work is recognizable, and will be protected to the best of our ability and legal powers

    We would request that viewers of our work respect our copyrights by not reproducing any of the original work viewed on this site, except with the written permission of Quinkatla Development Planning Inc., and with credit being given to the original creators of the work.

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